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Body Treatments & Tanning

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Relax, enjoy and unwind with one of our body treatments.



Arthritis /Parafango Treatment        1 hr.  $75       1/2 body $40


Deep penetrating heat treatment with Parafango mud.  Parafango mud contains over 350 minerals and trace elements including calcium and magnesium.  When applied Parafango mud goes through the skin to heat deep muscles and bone.  Help alleviate pain due to arthritis.




Body Exfoliation        hr.     $35


Exfoliation can be added to any treatment.  A brisk body brushing to rid you of dry  and dead skin cells..




Foot Enhancement       1 1/2    $25


During your Body Treatment or session your feet will be exfoliated with a salt scrub, and hot compresses are applied.  Finfish with a refreshing moisturizer.



Foot Frenzy         1 1/4 hr. hr.    $120


Start with an aromatic foot bath to detoxify & relax, followed by an exfoliation to eliminate dead skin and soften.  Enjoy a hot seaweed wrap to detoxify and finish with a Reflexology Treatment.



Golfers Paradise     1 hr.   $140


Improve flexibility and endurance.  Targeting muscle groups specific for Golfers.  1 hr. deep tissue massage, Parafango Mudd application, and finish with thumper.



Head to Toe Reviver           1 hr.      $130


Your truly incredible experience starts with total body exfoliation with special gels containing carob flower & orange essential oils.  A brisk rub with a loofah and special rosemary solution that firms & tones.  Followed by a deep massage to rejuvenate tired muscles.  Add renewed life to your skin.



Hot Body Wraps 


Detoxify and de-stress your body.  Ignite your body’s self-cleansing mechanisms in this steamy aromatic cocoon. All treatments come with scalp and face massage.



Herbal... Detoxify, de-stress, cleansing  1 hr. 70  1 1/2 hr. with exfoliation  $95

Seaweed.... Water retention, cellulite, slimming & detoxifying     

                               1 hr.  $80     1 1/2 hr. with exfoliation   $105




Hydrating Body Polish       hr.     $55


An invigorating treatment to remove dead skin cells using marine sea salts.  Leaves your skin soft and tingling with refreshed life.   Includes foot compress, complete body  hydration.








Bronze Tan            45 min.     $60

Your body is exfoliated with a special body gel, then lightly massaged with Yon-Ka bronzing milk.  Color takes 60 minutes to appear with no streaks or lines. Get the healthy tan with Bronze Tan!!




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Enhance your treatment




Coconut Oil Massage   $10


Add Organic Virgin Coconut Oil to any massage.  Excellent for skin, hair and overall health. 



Ear Candling           2 candles $35       3 candles $50     4 candles $70


A century old traditional practice to soothe ear problems.  Remove wax, debris, relieve discomfort and itching.  Great for people who suffer from chronic ear infections, ear pain, ringing in ears, sinus problems and headaches.



Ion Cleanse      hr. $45    Package of 4 - $170


External detoxification method through your feet.  Removes free radicals, partially oxygenated fats, unassimilated proteins and much more.  Benefits include reduction of swelling from injury, migraines, edema, fatigue, excess mucus or yeast, sinuses and allergies. Ask for more details. 



Oil Removal     $5


We will remove massage oil with warm cloths soaked with Emulsion Concentree to leave you refreshed and ready for your day.




Paraffin Wax      One treatment hands or feet     $20 


Deep penetrating heat treatment great  relief of pain due to Arthritis, Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, Muscular injuries and Joint Inflammation.